A Waffling We Will Go

Made from scratch, just for y...' />
All the Things

A Waffling We Will Go

Made from scratch, just for you

Chewy Vegan waffle batter with a cinnamon apple compote  $6 - VE

Cranberry Stout Waffle
Flavor bursts! Our stout waffle filled with IPA cranberries and topped with apple compote & maple cream  $7

The Benny
Our signature breakfast item. Savory bread waffle topped with a poached egg, country bacon & our house made hollandaise  $9

Problem Solver
Can't decide between sweet & savory? Here is the answer! Our stout waffle gets maple whipped on one side and a poached egg and holandaise on the other VG  $9

Simple Pleasure
Our deliciously chewy stout waffle topped with your choice of maple cream or syrup VG  $6

Berries & Cream
Just like it sounds. Fresh seasonal berries atop a mound of our delicious maple whipped cream atop our stout waffle  VG $7

The Elvis
 Fit for a King! Our stout waffle topped w/creamy peanut butter, bananas, and whipped cream. Add a chocolate drizzle for extra decadence. $8

Meat Lover's Waffle
Stout waffle topped w/brisket -or- pulled pork, and Hollandaise. $10
The Pale Pie

Breakfast Pizzas

This ain't no cold pizza kind of breakfast

The Pale Pie
Who doesn't like Pizza for breakfast? White cheddar sauce, scrambled eggs, provolone VG $8

The Roasted Toasted
Hot Lovin! Southwest spread, scrambled eggs, roasted jalapenos, Dee's smoked brisket, habanero cheddar $12

The Green Dream
Think Green! Feta-pesto spread, scrambled eggs, provolone, brew onions VG $8


Breakfast Burritos

We're the only breakfast burrito game in town

I've Been Cheddar
Haven't we all? Black bean spread, scrambled eggs, red onions, bell peppers, spinach, habanero cheddar $8

Trust us, it's terrific! White cheddar sauce, scrambled eggs, bell peppers, provolone. Topped with Sriracha $8

The Tejas
Tex-mex authentic! Scrambled eggs, bacon, seasoned potatoes. Topped with house-made salsa $8

Smokestack Burrito
Hot & Smoky! Southwest spread, scrambled eggs, brisket -or- pulled pork, smoked cheddar, Prov. $9

Greek BSTurrito
A Grecian delight! Feta spread, scrambled eggs, mixed greens, tomatoes. $7 V

Corned Beefurrito
 Flour tortilla stuffed w/corned beef, breakfast potatoes & Prov. $9

Breakfast Burger (w/beef)

Not Waffles, Burritos or Pizzas

Sometimes you just want something else

Abby's Baked Oatmeal Bars
Thick, chewy slice of oatmeal heaven stuffed with cranberries, quinoa, chia seeds, pecans, bananas and peanut butter $6

Corned Beef Hash
Slow cooked corned beef, house potatoes, & poached egg $9.50

Poached Please
Poached egg over our roasted root mix topped with hollandaise $6

Breakfast Burger
Your choice of black bean or all-beef patty topped with a poached egg & hollandaise $10

Meaty Scramble (w/brisket)

Egg Scrambles

For the egg lover in all of us

Meaty  Scramble
Scrambled eggs, brisket -or- pulled pork, white cheddar sauce, smoked cheddar, side of salsa. $10

Green Eggs & Ham (err, Bacon)
Scrambled eggs, bacon, feta pesto, Prov. $8

Fire Breather
Scrambled eggs, jalapenos, smoked cheddar, habanero cheddar sauce. $8



Rasher of Bacon
locally sourced from Sawyer's Meats  $3 Rosemary Bacon $4

Seasoned Potatoes
Roasted & lightly seasoned potatoes $2

Toast & Jam
2 slices of Rye or multi grain toast & jam. Ask your server for choices $2

Mixed Berries
A seasonal blend of mixed berries $2

Poached Free Range Egg
From Hebron Farms $2


Bendix Coffee
Locally Roasted! Bottomless cup of some of the tastiest coffee around $3

2 parts beer, 1 part OJ. You pick the beer, we add the OJ. (Price based on beer)

Organic Orange Juice
small  $1.5
large  $3

Bloody Beery
Our house bloody mary mix blended with a craft brew (Price based on beer)

Bloody Mary
Our house bloody mary mix blende with locally crafted 18 Vodka garnished with a fresh celery stick $6

Kids Brunch Menu

Just for kids!

Apple Waffle
Chewy Waffle topped with apple compote $6

Stout Waffle
Chewy Waffle topped with maple whipped cream or maple syrup $6

Scrambled eggs, white cheddar sauce and provolone cheese $5

Breakfast Pizza
White Cheddar Sauce, scrambled eggs, provolone cheese $5 (+ bacon $2)

Lil' Brewer's Plate
Scrambled eggs with roasted potatoes and bacon side $7